mathematics lab

Mathematics is all around us, it cannot be learnt but it has to be experienced and understood.

We at Cambridge, Jawahar Park put our best effort in helping students understand the subject with the help of Mathematics Lab.

The Mathematics Lab provides an opportunity to students to learn mathematical concepts through several pre-planned activities under the guidance of the teacher. Activities for Classes III &V mainly involve the use of concrete materials comprising of mathematical games, identification of solid shapes etc. for the simple understanding of concepts. Classes VI-X conducts a number of experiments with colorful paper cutting and folding techniques in order to clarify concepts that are abstract in nature. There is also an extensive use of technology. The computers and the internet are used for teaching, self learning, interactive mental maths quizzes and competitions.

The purpose of conducting all the activities in the mathematics laboratory is to provide students an atmosphere to explore, observe and reflect on mathematical ideas, logically and independently, which further supplements the classroom teaching learning sessions.