Chemistry lab

Chemistry lab is situated on the Ground Floor of the school building. It comprises of main lab and a store room and a separate place for LPG connection which provides LPG gas for conducting chemistry practical. The lab is very well lit and ventilated. The exhaust fans have also been provided in the lab. The lab also has a good drainage system. Cabinets contains all the chemicals and the glass apparatus. The store room is also provided with cabinets, shelf tops and water connection. The work top provided to the students is wide and spacious. The open shelf is provided on top of the table along with water connection and gas connection. The open shelf is commonly used to keep chemicals in the reagent bottles. Cabinets are provided below the worktop table for keeping the apparatus used in the chemistry lab. One cabinet is provided to each student. It is well equipped with apparatus and chemicals to meet the demand of the C.B.S.E. curriculum and to take up a variety of higher level projects as well. With a capacity to cater to 24 students at a time, it ensures the safety of the children as a top priority.Fire extinguishers are available for any emergency. Proper gas connection records are maintained.